Teen Book Fest

Where Teens and Books Meet!

2017 Breakout Sessions



1. Robots and Wizards and Dystopias, Oh My!

Step onto a different plane of reality with these authors of science fiction and fantasy.

Featuring: Martina Boone, Gretchen McNeil, Cindy Pon, Romina Russell and Mary Weber

Moderated by b. t. gottfred


2.  Sophomore Sisters: The second time around

Let’s talk about the challenges (and joys!) of writing the second novel.

Featuring: Julie Buxbaum, Charlotte Huang, E. Katherine Kottaras, Jessica Love and Sara E. Santana

Moderated by Catherine Linka


3. Girl Writes Boy

Stepping outside of our comfort zone and into a boy’s brain

Featuring: Elana K. Arnold, Jessica Brody, Robin Reul, Ann Stampler and K.M. Walton

Moderated by Jeff Garvin




1. Thrill Me, Chill Me

Books that keep your heart pounding and the plot twisting

Featuring: Martina Boone, Gretchen McNeil, Romina Russell, Sara E. Santana and Ann Stampler

Moderated by Nicole Maggi


2. Growing Up is Hard

Making life-changing decisions that you Just. Can’t. Even.

Featuring: Julie Buxbaum, Charlotte Huang, Jessica Love, Robin Reul and K.M. Walton

Moderated by Aditi Khorana


3. Girls to the Front

Who runs the world? You know the answer.

Featuring: Elana K. Arnold, Jessica Brody, E. Katherine Kottaras, Cindy Pon and Mary Weber

Moderated by Lilliam Rivera