Teen Book Fest

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2014 Breakout Sessions


1. Is This Your First Time: The Debut Authors of TBF 2014

Featuring: Livia Blackburne, Ava Dellaria, Katherine Ewell and Catherine Linka

 Moderated by Carrie Arcos, author of There Will Come a Time

2. Bio-Punk: When Tech Turns on You

Featuring: Jessica Brody, Lauren Miller, Mary Pearson, Lissa Price and John Corey Whaley

Moderated by Shelly Longoria, Palm Springs Public Library

3. Women in YA

Featuring: Katie Alender, Elana Arnold, Robin Benway, Lauren Kate, Jessi Kirby and Sarah Skilton

Moderated by Alysha Hernandez, Ontario City Library


1. It’s Complicated: Siblings, Parents and Other Relationships

Featuring: Elana Arnold, Ava Dellaria, Jessi Kirby, Mary Pearson and John Corey Whaley

Moderated by Carrie Arcos, author of There Will Come a Time

2. Murder Most Foul: Serial Killers, Murder and Crime in YA

Featuring: Katie Alender, Robin Benway, Livia Blackburne, Katherine Ewell and Sarah Skilton

Moderated by Alyson Hamlin, Calimesa Public Library

3. It’s Not Me, It’s Society: When the World Really is to Blame for your Troubles

Featuring: Jessica Brody, Catherine Linka, Lauren Miller and Lissa Price

Moderated by Juliene Malecot, Corona Public Library